[MR] Warriors' Games - Some Answers to Questions About the Games Themselves

E. L. Wimett silverdragon at charleston.net
Tue Jul 6 22:46:53 PDT 2021

>From the autocrat for Warriors' Games:

Yes, I said to ask if you had any questions and you did.  

Several people new to the Shore and/or from outside the area almost
immediately asked me about the history of the Games and what the Games

For the manner in which the first Games occurred all those decades ago, I
would advise anyone to talk to Mistress Megara on Saturday as she was there
and can tell the story much better than I ever could.

But as to the Games themselves, they are a series of competitions in the
sort of skills a Celtic warrior might need to excel, a sort of Highland
Games for Lowcountry, if you will.  For many years now we have had held and
scored competitions in both adult and youth categories.  Points are assigned
to those in winning positions and prizes awarded to the overall victor in
both categories.

All those participating in the Games for which points are assigned must sign
in on the appropriate sheet for each game prior to the point at which it
commences.  You do not have to compete in everything, but the more
competitions in which you participate, the greater your chances of success.

As to the Games this year, they are very traditional in nature, being (in no
particular order):

1.	A footrace over a measured course.

2.	A weight carry in which a specified weight is carried for as long a
distance a competitor can manage.  [There are separate lighter weights
available for youth competitors.]

3.	A caber toss for the combined distance and number of "flips" the
caber makes. [Again there are generally separate "cabers" for youth

4.	A hammer throw which is scored by distance.

5.	A javelin throw again scored by distance.

6.	A shot put yet again scored by distance.

7.	And, of course, the hallmark event of the Warriors' Games: the Sheep
Toss! [We promise no sheep are harmed in this competition!]

In past years we have had additional competitions such as a shield press, a
tug of war, etc.  They do not always occur.  And this year we are skipping
them in the interests of safety not only because of COVID social distancing
issues but also because of some concerns over potential footing in the areas
on site where those would normally occur.

Instead, we are ending the Games with an out-of-competition GRAND WATER
MELEE, expanded from that in recent years as is only fitting with the
increased attendance at the Games this year.
As this melee will occur at the end of the competition period, hopefully
ameliorating the heat of the day prior to the commencement of court, in view
of its expanded scope (airborne water, delicately gleaming floating bubbles,
water balloons and one or two watery surprises!) parents of youth competing
may want to think about bringing a change of garb and a towel.  Indeed,
since it is not uncommon to find some of our more mature warriors joining in
the aqueous combat, the same might hold true for the adults who plan on
participating.  You have been warned!

If you have any further questions about the Games prior to Saturday, I would
recommend you contact our Games Mistress for this year, Adendra Marland at
adendra AT homesc.com.

Your servant, 

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