[MR] Warriors' Games: Some Answers to Questions That Have Recently Been Asked

E. L. Wimett silverdragon at charleston.net
Tue Jul 6 15:46:18 PDT 2021

>From the autocrat for Warriors' Games:

Over the past few days I have been asked about potential changes to
information previously published in various venues thanks to recent
modifications of COVID restrictions from the CDC and other governmental
entities, from the Society and from Atlantia.

I have put together a list of some of the highpoints as they apply to
Warriors' Games to aid those of you who have already registered for the
event in making appropriate preparations and those who are still undecided
in making a final decision about attendance:

1.	Pre-registration is still required.  This is Atlantian policy
continuing after 1 July.  Not only does this facilitate contact tracing if
needed but is something of a necessity for this event as there is an
occupancy cap on the site.  Detailed contact information sheets that can be
used by real world authorities will be held by the canton seneschal and
destroyed 60 days from the event.

2.	The Town of Harleyville, who own the site, have now relaxed their
COVID protocols so that the cap on occupancy is now 150 rather than the
original 75.  This number is allowed as of the date of the event under both
Society and Atlantian COVID protocols. 

3.	Moreover, thanks to changes to the Atlantian protocols as of 1 July,
we now have full use of both the indoor and outdoor amenities on site. [We
had booked the hall to provide appropriate bathroom and potable water
facilities, but under the earlier protocols were strictly limited in their
use.  This is no longer the case.]  As a result the open A & S display can
be moved indoors to more thoroughly protect fragile items from the weather
and those who wish cooler space for ad hoc meetings, classes or just a bit
of shelter from the heat and/or sun may comfortably move indoors.

4.	Youth under the age of 18 are now allowed to attend events in
Atlantia without limitation.  Therefore, any children/youth previously
waitlisted are fully registered.  [As Warriors' Games tends to be a
family-friendly event, we already have quite a few attendees under 19

5.	Masks are now optional for anyone who is fully vaccinated.  Those
over the age of 2 who are yet unvaccinated are asked to wear a mask and wear
it properly covering both nose and mouth as well as attempt to observe
social distancing, particularly indoors.  Unfortunately, since most children
under 12 cannot yet be vaccinated, this will mean that many of our younger
attendees will have to wear a mask.  Note that you are on your honor with
regard to your vaccination status.  We will NOT ask.  We will also have a
number of masks available for those who have forgotten theirs or who find
they need a new one due to their labors in the Games.

6.	All those attending must show either show a blue card or sign an
appropriate waiver.  This is nothing new and, as usual, we will have a
generous supply of both adult and minor waivers available at troll.

7.	After reviewing all relevant protocols, including those announced by
the kingdom seneschale and the kingdom earl marshal, the autocrat and the
games mistress have concluded that most of the planned modifications to the
core portions of the traditional Games can be diminished or entirely
dropped.  The one traditional activity which we are omitting in the
interests of social distancing is the Tug of War.  Hopefully, expansion of
the Great Water Melee will make up for this loss.

8.	Food.  The one area in which this Warriors' Games will depart
moderately radically from tradition involves food and drink.  By Society and
Atlantian protocols there will no feast, not even the traditional pot luck
buffet popular in years past. Following Atlantian protocols we are now
allowed to provide sealed bottles of water and self-service hydration
coolers and we will do so together with disposable drinking vessels to avoid
cross-contamination.  However, neither the canton nor the event staff are
allowed to plan or provide food or drink or allow planning for such on
official social media.  To quote the relevant portion of the 1 July
reopening document: "Attendees must provide their own food and beverages.
Local groups may not sponsor food service such as potlucks, buffet - style,
or family style meals of any type. Attendees who accept shared drinking
containers or buffet-style food from other attendees do so at their own

On the whole, the event staff are optimistic that we will be able to provide
the bulk of the "Warriors' Games Experience" to the many old friends and new
who are attending.  [A few of those who have registered have been attending
the Games for almost four decades so we will have an excellent basis for

If you have any questions about any of the protocols noted here --- or
anything else --- do not hesitate to email me at silverdragon at
charleston.net or message me in Facebook (Alisoun MacCoul).

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