[MR] Warriors' Games: Yes, We Are Watching the Weather; No, We're Not Worried

E. L. Wimett silverdragon at charleston.net
Tue Jul 6 23:38:02 PDT 2021

This evening I have had a few queries as to how Tropical Storm Elsa will
affect Warriors' Games.

The answer is probably not at all.

Although the coast of South Carolina is currently under a tropical storm
watch, that watch does not currently extend far enough inland to affect the
site, though Harleyville does fall inside the potential storm cone as of the
2 A.M. report from the National Weather Service.

We have been watching all weather reports like hawks and will continue to do
so.  [The autocrat used to be a curator at the large naval museum in
Charleston Harbor so is VERY familiar with the local storm probabilities and
some REALLY arcane naval weather systems.]

However, as of 2 A.M. the National Weather Service shows Elsa as more or
less over I-26 at 8 A.M. on Thursday, over the North Carolina - Virginia
border at 8 P.M. that evening and by the time site opens on Saturday the
storm should be over Nova Scotia or Newfoundland.

Current forecasts for Saturday show it in the very low 90s with a good bit
of cloud cover but only a 25% chance of rain and that in the form of
isolated thunderstorms.  Typical Tear-Sea's Shore weather for July, but
light and variable breezes and relatively low humidity for hereabouts (72%).
On the other hand, despite that  cloud cover predicted for Saturday, the UV
index is likely to remain high so do NOT forget your sunscreen!

As we continue to monitor the weather through Saturday morning, we will post
if/when anything changes significantly.  

Your servant,


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