[MR] A&S at Night Under a Faie Moon

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Sat Feb 22 15:12:45 PST 2020

Greetings!  The following are A&S activities at Night Under a Faie Moon April 17 - 19 in the wondrous Barony of Lochmere:

Brewing competition!

There will be an A&S brewing competition at Night under a Faie Moon.   We will be looking for the standard three categories, beer, mead and cordials.  If you would like to submit wine we will include it with the mead unless there are a significant number of entries.  Extra points will be awarded for those who manage to tie their entry in with the Tudor or Faie theme.

Those who would be aspiring judges are welcome.  Contact Baron Drogo (DrogoD[AT]gmail.com<mailto:DrogoD at gmail.com>) with any questions or desires to help.

Masks for a Masque Competition

Create a mask that would have be suitably worn at a Tudor Masque.  Masks suggestions include, but are not limited to, gods/goddess, fairies, and other mythical creatures.  If you wish to wear it during the day, submit a picture of the mask w/ your name and documentation and we will come find you.

Bring the Faie to your Day Shade.

Help us set the mood and let the faie know that we are friends, not foes.  Decorate your day shade keeping with the theme of the event.  Register your day shade at the A&S table inside the Rusty Souse Tavern.


Just beyond the hearths of Smeewick, the Goblin Market opens each night. Sometimes, the villagers (particularly the courageous, curious, or foolish ones) stray near.

Your task is to write an original narrative in prose, verse, or song about an original character from Smeewick who has an encounter with the Goblin Market. Your work should be your best attempt at period style, but no documentation is needed. Feedback will be given to those who would like, but this is a Bardic Challenge, a chance for cooperative storytelling, and is not a competition. Those who enter will receive a small token of esteem and a hearty round of applause! Audience is welcome to attend to learn more about the strange village they are visiting for the day's festivities!

Contact Lord Ishmael with questions at mparden107 [at] gmail.com<https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fgmail.com%2F&h=AT06Hs9mDa4lB5prCOhi1Z6xFe-eLh8Vf2AUJAeCdOcQkrdNAaYfsZGBR489vB43EaujPN9ye-YWTd0BEbKSaKa-R8od3AePw-0Xo3V5RkcPJfzuTYVrNXY--d1DmQXurMns9mHpRfruxvDs9RpQvypGbe63O2BXjg>

Open Display

Whether you are new to a craft or an expert hand, we invite you to display your projects with us.  Ample table space will be provided.

Yours In Service,

Mistress Avice &

Mistress Medb

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