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The correct link to the Event website is http://lochmere.atlantia.sca.org/annual_events/night-under-a-fae-moon/

Many thanks to the kind gentle who let me know.

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Subject: Night Under a Faie Moon

Night Under a Faie Moon is only 8 weeks away! Please plan to join us for a fun-filled Event April 17-19:

As the residents of the town of Smeewick gather Friday eve at the local Tavern, the Rusty Souse, tales of minor mischief and petty thievery are on everyone’s lips.  Swords have been found hanging from trees.  The left shoes of everyone in town are missing.  Fillings of pies have been replaced with flowers and pine fronds.  Some members of the populace suspect the faie folk.  Are the faie friends?  Foes?  A little bit of both?

The Barony of Lochmere invites you to join us for an event based in the Tudor English town of Smeewick and inspired by Shakespeare’s Midsummer’s Night Dream.  Whether you call them faie, brownies, sprites, or…, they are all around us.

Festivities will begin Friday night at 7pm at the Rusty Souse Tavern for games and of course, brew.

On Saturday there will be:

*Rapier - Syr Jocelin d’Outremer is the Marshal in Charge and is planning a challenging day of rapier competition.
*Thrown Weapons - Run by Master Kryss Kostarev
*Archery - Run by Dame Dealla
*Fling the Faie competition - Run by Syr Christian Darmody
*A&S Competition: Faie or Tudor inspired masks
*Bardic Participation - Write an original narrative in prose, verse, or song about an original character from Smeewick who has an encounter with the Goblin Market. Your best attempt at period style, but no documentation is needed. Those who enter will receive a small token of esteem and a hearty round of applause! Audience is welcome to attend to learn more about the strange village they are visiting for the day's festivities!
*Children's activities will include Faie inspired masks
* A fabulous feast prepared by Mistress Tirzah and her staff!
*Lochmart will be open
*A prize will be given to the best decorated pavilion in keeping with the theme

Website:  http://lochmere.atlantia.sca.org/annual_events/night-under-a-fae-moon/

Yours in Service,
Mistress Avice Claremond &
Mistress Medb ingen Brain

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