[MR] Fall Coronation AS 54

Kender lilkender at gmail.com
Sun Sep 8 16:06:47 PDT 2019

To Their Majesties Christoph and Adelhait do Your Baronies of Lochmere and
Storvik give thanks that You did journey to the north of Your Kingdom to
attend our Battle on the Bay. Your Barony of Storvik would like to extend
an invitation to attend our next Fall event on Oct 5. Your Heir, Prince
Cuan, is carefully directing me
in its planning to ensure that the weekend is perfectly arranged to allow
You both some much-needed peaceful rest after Your arduous reign this year.
He has not instructed me in the details yet but He assures me that You will
receive all that You deserve. I can only assure Your Majesties that You
will receive "the Royal treatment" when You and Your retinue arrive in
these lands again.

Your servant always,
Lady Kunigunde von Darmstadt

Mord im Das Gästehaus des Hasen und Hundes (Murder at the Hare and Hound
In Autumn, 1525 at a temporary camp for the Crown and retinue at a sleepy
border outpost of the Holy Roman Empire, a mystery will unfold; Prince Cuan
and Princess Signy will challenge attendees to undertake to solve it. Clues
may be gained by participating in various activities; working in a
multi-activity team will gain you more clues. You may form teams before the


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