[MR] Belt/No Shield Tournaments at War of the Wings

Bessenyei Rozsa mistressrozsa at gmail.com
Tue Apr 9 19:43:39 PDT 2019

I am exceptionally pleased to announce that the Belt Tournaments will be
hosted once again at War of the Wings and the No-Shield Tournaments will be
making a reappearance.

A number of years ago myself and my husband, Sir Christian Thomas of York,
saw a vacancy in the combat at War of the Wings.  We endeavored to fill
those vacancies with a series of tournaments for the armored combatants.
>From the very beginning we had Branches, Peers, and Households step forward
to host individual tournaments.

I am thrilled to announce that this year each of these tournaments will be
sponsored by a separate House/Peer of our Kingdom and each are providing
exceptional prizes.

Artisans:  Throughout the years a number of artisans have approached us
desiring to contribute prizes to the tournament(s) that inspired them.  If
you are inspired by a tournament and wish to contribute a prize please
contact the hosting Peer/House. If you are uncertain of how to contact
them, please contact me and I will put you in touch with them.

Armored Fighters: Look at the list of tournaments.  Get authorized. Get

Marshals:  These will be run Atlantian Speed Tournament style  (subject to
change as needed). Your assistance will be appreciated for the tournaments
you are not authorized to participate in.

MoLs:  Signorina Niccolina has taken on the duty of signing in fighters
that are not previously registered.  Please feel free to pull up a seat to
assist her throughout the day.

Waterbearers:  You are Heaven on Earth.

Friday Schedule:

9:30 am MOL opens/authorizations

10 am - Two Sword Tournament - House Askoldssonn

10:30 am - Pole Arm - The Company of St. Augustine

11 am - Great Sword - Sir Hróðgeirr Hrafnsson

11:30- Spear Tournament - Krak House

1 pm - Novice Tournament - Sir Connal mac Aodha mhic Réamoinn

2 pm - Black Belt Tournament - House Tavernier

3 pm - Red Belt Tournament - House Bessenyei

4 pm - Iron Rose Tournament - Yorkshire Manor

5 pm - White Belt Tournament - Hotel de Byram

8 pm - Torchlight Tournament - House Golden Thistle

*Mesternö** Bessenyei Rozsa, OP*

*Kingdom A&S Guild Liaison *
*Rachel Rosado*
*mistressrozsa at gmail.com <mistressrozsa at gmail.com> *

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