[MR] Coronation Court Report (2 of 3) (Coronation + First Court)

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Unto the populace of of Atlantia does the Triton Principal Herald of Atlantia send greetings!

Upon departure of Ragnarr and Lynette from the thrones of Atlantia, the Reichstag was summoned to discuss the vacancy left in Their wake--especially with the news of impending War and the need for a strong leader to guide Atlantia and its forces.  The electors called for the Heir, Prince Christoph Krieger to present his claim to the throne.  Many of Atlantia's former Monarchs also presented themselves and by what virtues they should reclaim the throne.  Her Highness, Princess Adelhait Fuchs, then appeared, admonishing the electors for daring challenge Prince Christoph's right to rule.  To seal His Highness's claim, Princess Adelhait assured those assembled that should Prince Christoph not ascend to the throne, the Kingdom would suffer from a paucity of beer.  Pleading no further contest, the Reichstag presented the regalia of rulership upon Their Highnesses and the assembled populace heard Their oaths.  Thus begins the new Reign of Christoph and Adelhait, König and Königin of Atlantia.

Here begins the account of the First Court of Christoph and Adelhait, König and Königin of Atlantia.

The assembled territorial Barons and Baronesses who hold lands in the name of the Crowns were summoned to renew Their fealty to the Crowns of Atlantia and to ensure that warriors would respond to Their Majesties' call to arms, and that recognition and justice would flow from Their Excellencies' hands.  

Next, the Great Officers of State reaffirmed their fealty to Crown and Kingdom, to serve honorably and fairly, to advise the Monarchs with wise counsel.

Members of the Order of Chivalry were then called forth to swear loyalty and service of arms to the Kingdom, acknowledging that Atlantia would soon be at war.

Peers of the Realm were invited to renew their oaths to the Crown, to serve with their arts, their martial prowess, and other skills to enhance and support fair Atlantia.

After receiving oaths of service and fealty, Their Majesties called for Countess Lynette Semere, to bestow upon her the rank of Duchesss, and honor her for her second reign as Queen of Atlantia.  In lieu of a scroll, Mistress Hrefna and Lady Murin brought forth a circle of stained glass depicting the Reign and encircled with the words of the elevation. 

Vicountess Marion Leoncina da Susa was then invited to attend Her Majesty, and was made a Companion of the Queen's Order of Courtesy.

Lord Gideon ap Stephen was summomed into the Royal Presence and awarded the Fountain in recognition of his noble service.

The final item of business was to request the presence of Baroness Greer Jonsdottir in order to deliver a writ to contemplate joining the Companions of the Order of the Laurel at a future event of her choosing.

Here ends this report of the First Court of Christoph and Adelhait upon the 6th of April, A.S. LIII.

An additional report from Coronation will be forthcoming.

In service,
Master Eldred AElfwald,
Triton Principal Herald of Atlantia

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