[MR] Coronation Court Report (3 of 3) (Evening Court)

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Unto the populace of of Atlantia does the Triton Principal Herald of Atlantia send greetings!

Here begins the account of the Evening Court of Christoph and Adelhait, König and Königin of Atlantia at Their Coronation.

Their Majesties opened Their Court and enquired whether the assembled populace had enjoyed the day of revelry and were rewarded with raucous affirmation.

Their Majesties' Champions were then called forth to attend and take their stations behind the thrones.

The autocrat, Baron Jonathan Blackbow was invited to brief the populace on his accounting of the day and to thank the event staff for the marvelous work they had performed.

Lady Marion le Redd and Sir Jared the Bear announced the victors of the day's individual competitions, and declared Team Bear (no relation) the winner of the team competitions.

Their Majesties were then pleased to say they had chosen not one, but two Scrivners Royal for Their Reign:  Lady Helena Isabelle de Sudentorre, and Lady Murin Dunn.

The results of the Silent Auction were announced: $1153 raised, with the Barony of Bright Hills' "Beginner Kit" raising $221 of that sum.

The newcomers were invited into the Royal Presence to be welcomed and given a token commemorating their first event.

His Grace, Duke Ragnarr Blackhammer was summoned and a Proclamation read out in his honor.

In gratitude for the excellent banners symbolizing the four teams of the Schembart Carnival, Their Majesties rewarded each of the banner makers of Cyddlain Downs with a Silver Nautilus:  Mistress Etain of Sutherland, Baroness Delia Flammen, Baron Elphin ap Dafyd, Lord Seamus de Maxwell, Lady Lilith of the Glass Isle, Morcant du Loc, Lord Malcome mac Enri, Lady Bella Rose, Noble Seraphina Mascherante, Katelyn Piper, and Baron William Welwyn.

Kaden fitz Jon was then called to attend Their Majesties, and was recognized as a Companion of the Hippocampus.  He was then commanded to take charge of the Royal toy box and somehow managed to get a running start before the children of Atlantia were invited to appear before Their Majesties.  We know Kaden survived the experience as he was seen following the end of Court.

Following a moment of chaos as the children were invited to give chase, Their Majesties did request the presence of Their Order of the Pearl to recognize and elevate Lady Esa inghean Donnchaidh to the Order.

Jodurr of Seareach was commanded to appear before Their Majesties and was elevated to the nobility by making him a Companion of the Silver Osprey.

Konrad Godes was then summoned and elevated to the ranks of the nobilty with his induction into the Order of the Opal.

Lord Gawain de Barri was called forth to be inducted into the Order of the Opal.

For her work with newcomers, Lady Isabela de Lovaine Bourchier was invited into Court by Their Majesties and awarded the Star of the Sea in recognition of her efforts.

Lilian Belmont was escorted into the Royal Presence and made a Lady of Atlantia's Court.

As Their last item of business, Their Majesties invited Lady Maria Beatriz Moro to appear before Them, and after extolling her virtues, they summoned Their Order of the Golden Dolphin to make Lady Maria a Companion of that Order. 

Here ends this report of the Evening Court of Christoph and Adelhait upon the 6th of April, A.S. LIII.

In service,
Master Eldred AElfwald,
Triton Principal Herald of Atlantia

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