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Sun Sep 9 13:38:14 PDT 2018

Greetings to Their Majesties and Highnesses of Atlantia, to its Populace and its many friends.

Herein is are the results of the Twenty-first Bright Hills Cooks’ Guild’s, "Trial by Fire" held on Saturday, 1 August 2018 being the Fifty-third year of the Society.

I must first thank all those who assisted in the running of Trial by Fire, for no one could possibly achieve such an event alone.  To Mistress Jeanne, Mistress Brienna, Mistress Cordelia, Master Chirhart, Baron Gustav, Lady Deirdre (!!!) our autocrat, Lord Raven, Lord Bruce, Lady Maeve, Lord Aiden, Lady Livia, Lord Cairell, and all those who attended; my heartiest and humble thanks.  Without you we would have no event, no Guild, no Barony.  I am most grateful for all you have done.  Without them we would have not had any tents, pavilions, meals, judges, water, sekanjabin, prizes or any of those little things that keep an event running smoothly and well.  I pray that I have not missed anyone, if I have please let me know.

We had nine contestants for the Trial with fifteen dishes prepared for judging.  We saw citizens from all over Atlantia.  Some who had been here before, some here for the first time and one who was not yet even eligible to vote (mundanely).  Our next generation of cooks was 11-years-old, and he was a true inspiration to this old cook I can tell you!

After scoring the documentation our judges then made their way to the tasting tent and spent a goodly amount of time savoring, sampling, nibbling and nearly devouring the entries.  It was after much thought and resurrection of old math skills that we were able to discern the winners of this years Trial.

For Vegetables: a tie between Elena Colon de Saville with Eggplant Isfiriya

                                     and Lucy of Wigan with Benes Yfred

For Grains: Sfi Mordeci with Rice Lombard

For Main Dish: Elena Colon de Sevilla with Mirkas with Fresh Cheese

For Desserts: Ailis inghean Ui Riogain with Fines Cakes

Grand Champion: Sfi Mordeci

Our whole-hearted congratulations to the winners and our thanks to all who participated.  The future of Atlantian cooking is well in hand to the next generation. We hope to see you all next time.

Baroness Wynne ferch Rhodri

Guild Mistress, Bright Hills Cooks Guild

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