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Deirdre O'Bardon deirdre_obardon at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 9 16:32:38 PDT 2018

Good Gentles,
I realize that my *Thank you!*s for Trial by Fire, did not includesome very important people who were so kind that they did not even tell me about it! Blame it on the autocrat’s dead brain post event becauseI cannot explain the omissions any other way
My thanks to Lord Graham for handling parking so well and to BaronessWynne and Lady Eadgyth for the parking signs

My thanks to Lady Eleri, Lady Melori, Lord Nicholas and the crewof Spiaggia Levantina for providing lunch.

 Trulyspecial thanks go to Master Richard Wyn, my deputy autocrat for his support andencouragement.  Most of all I thank myhusband, Lord Llywelyn Blaidd coch for support, encouragement, a brain when Ilacked one and most important, always being there when needed!
Deirdre O’Bardon, Autocrat Trial by Fire

Poetry, subtleties, cooking, bardcraft . . . 

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