[MR] Pennsic 2018 Rapier Rules Summary

Brian Caswell bmc at shmoo.com
Mon May 7 09:00:04 PDT 2018

The Pennsic rapier conventions have been finalized, but only available on
Facebook at the moment.  The rules will be made available on the Pennsic
website in the near future and in the Pennsic Book available on site.
While all combatants should review the full published rule set, I have put
together this (unfortunately long) reduction of the rules to identify the
specific items of note that may impact you for easier reference.

1. You must have at least one rapier auth prior to Pennsic to participate
in *ANY* rapier combat.
2. You must meet Atlantia's standards for armor and the hosting kingdom's
standards for all other equipment.
3. You must be inspected EVERY DAY you wish to participate in rapier
activity at Pennsic.
4. Marshals can remove the ability to participate for violation of the
rules.  Including non-acceptance of blows, ignoring rules of engagement,
5. Marshals court will happen after every warpoint.  If you are called in,
as witness, defendant, or accuser, you *must* bring your KRM (Me.)
6. Tip, push, and draw cuts with at least 6" of blade travel are included
as valid blows.
7. No blade grasping.
8. Calibration is "lightest touch felt".  If you feel the tip on body, you
take it.
9. Knee walking is allowed without limitations of "to engagement".
10. If you use a two-handed weapon, you may not use a secondary weapon or
parrying device.
11. Shields & Bucklers cannot be more than 40" on any diagonal, and may
only be wielded in one hand.
12. All fighters are "engaged" at lay on.
13. You many only strike in the front 180 of the opponent's shoulder.
14.  You must make a "reasonable attempt" to get opponent's attention
before throwing a blow.
15. If you approach from behind, you must be completely in front of the
opponent's shoulders before you throw a blow.
16. You must have visual contact before throwing a shot at an opponent.
17. Daggers may not be used for DFBs.
18. You must come to a complete stop prior to performing a DFB.
19. You may not use your weapon while running in any way.
20. You may not throw shots at anyone that is running.
21. You may not run through engagements.
22. If you run, you must come to a complete stop before you use your weapon.
23. Fighters get *one* warning regarding running, then removed from combat
upon second offense.
24. If you step out of the boundaries, you are considered dead.  You may
get warnings as you get near, but don't count on it.
25. If you lose both hands/arms, you are considered dead.
26. You may not "hide" among dead fighters.  If asked if you are alive by
anyone, you must answer truthfully or be removed from the battle.
27. If you die, raise both weapons above your head and leave the field.
28. You may not steal an opponent's dropped weapon.
29. You may not discuss any tactics during holds.
30. You may not fight over hay-bales.

If you have any questions, please let me know directly.

Master Brian de Moray, Kingdom Rapier Marshal for Atlantia

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