[MR] Return to Crecy Competitions

Annora Hall annorahall at yahoo.com
Tue May 1 16:11:48 PDT 2018

Do you want to flex your creative muscles in support of the French or the English in the upcoming battle at Crecy?  Lady Maeve has assembled a wonderful array of competitions sure to tempt the most jaded eye.

The theme is traveling to Crecy in all and any forms:  food, clothing, gear, ways and means.

Competitors may customize these suggestions in their areas of interest (equestrian, battle, or support).  We encourage you to think on how it was made, how it was used, and if it was created en route.  Your topics may inspire others even if a physical item is not present.  Don't forget about soft goods (textiles and the like), past times (games, jokes, songs, swindles, etc), food, or armorments for yourself, your forces, or your animals.  All categories will have a youth division and space is available for display (non-competition or off-topic art or science).  Limited tables will be available.  Please bring table coverings and personal tables if you are able.

Declare your side and help win the battle at Crecy.  Questions can be directed to Lady Maeve Dianatto (Janie Topp on FB or via email jwtopp at peoplepc.com).

More information about the event Return to Crecy, June 22-24, is found on our website www.returntocrecy.com

In Service,
Hælfdige Annora Hall, Autocrat

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