[MR] Spring 2018 Crown List - 1 May Update

Atlantian Seneschal seneschal at atlantia.sca.org
Tue May 1 18:03:51 PDT 2018

Greetings Atlantia,
Here's the Tuesday, 1 May, update.  Only one change today.

Below is the revised list of Crown Combatants and their Consorts, in OP
order. The impetus of the change is denoted by a preceding asterisk (i.e. *
- xxxxx).

Duke Anton Tremayne, fighting for Duchess Luned of Snowden
Duke Cuan MacDaige, fighting for Countess Signy Heri
Duke Ragnarr Blackhammer, fighting for Countess Lynette Semere
Duke Bryan of Sacred Stone, fighting for Duchess Brianna O Duinn
x- Countess Lynette Semere, fighting for Duke Ragnarr Blackhammer
Count Christoph Krieger ,fighting for Grafin Adelhait Fuchs
Baron Daemon Broussard, fighting for Baroness Typhanie du Loc
Sir Ragnarr Rifsbrjotr, fighting for Lady Leyli Volorum Nerk'yevi Nerkatski
Baron Lochlainn hua Rigbarddain, fighting for Baroness Edan Lowery
Baron Alric the Mad, fighting for Baroness Cellach Mor
Baron Roibeard MacOscar, fighting for Baroness Cecelia Blythe
Lord Roland Wodeman, fighting for Vrouwe Machteld Cleine
Lord Vincenzo d’Este, fighting for Lady Margaret Lad
Lord John Angus West, fighting for Mistress Graçia Esperança de Sevilla
Lord Elhaearn map Bleidcu, fighting for Baroness Lanea inghean Uí Chiaragáin
Lord Xavier Da Corlione, fighting for Lady Artemisia Catarina Da Corlione
Lord Carrick Mac Manus, fighting for Lady Ceres Gwen of Kildare
Lord Alesander Davidson, fighting for Siobhán Inghean Mhic Eachaidh
Lord Wang Wei Yuan, fighting for Hildegard Bergerin
Lord Richard Thorton, fighting for Lady Franesca di Corso
Lord Dagr blóðøx, fighting for Morgan of Hawkwood
Domnall Locard, fighting for Lady Urith Verch Earle

If there are any further changes I will post them the evening those changes
take place.


Seneschal, Kingdom of Atlantia
seneschal at atlantia.sca.org

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