[MR] Tournament at Elchenburg Castle - Nov 10-12

Baronö Bessenyei Rozsa rozsa at ebonwoulfe.com
Wed Nov 1 11:02:19 PDT 2017

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If you have been looking for an opportunity to be able to spend the day
really watching the horses and watching them and their riders compete
against each other in the games and jousts, but never get a chance to get
over to their field, please come on out to our Tournament next Saturday.

During the day tournament companies will be competing against each other
for the honor of being the victor of the Tournament at Elchenburg Castle.
The tournament companies consist of 1 rider, 1 herald, 1 archer, and 2
heavy fighters.

Throughout the day the populace will be asked to assist in judging the best
herald, the Manesse Codex scroll competition, heraldic display
competitions, and the crested helm competition.

A gallery will be set up for our visitors to relax under, or bring your own
pavilion and enter into the heraldic field presence competition.

It will be a day full of pagentry, showmanship and fun!


*Mesternö** Bessenyei Rozsa, OP*
*Rachel Rosado*
*rozsa at ebonwoulfe.com <rozsa at ebonwoulfe.com> *

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