[MR] Competitions at War of the Wings XII

Annora Hall annorahall at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 2 16:24:08 PDT 2017

To the Populace of Atlantia and Attendees at War of the Wings XII Event,

I, Haelfdige Annora Hall, was remiss in my report to the Saturday Court regarding the winners of our Competitions through no fault of our talented competitors.  I hereby submit the names and entries of these good Gentles in hopes should your paths cross theirs, you may congratulate them on their exceptional entries.

Thursday was a day of Display.  
Kudos go to Lady Murin Dunn for her pen and ink Scribal Arts, Lady Morgan Wolfsinger for her reign cover; and Lady Teresa of Atillium for her knitted heraldic bag.

Friday competitions included Period Leather Work, won by Baron Christophe of Grey with his reproduction of Merry Rose leather articles,  and Bling from the Sea, won by Lady Caitrina inghean Foin with a pearl necklace.  

Saturday competitions were a combination of event and Kingdom sponsored.  Congratulations to the Kingdom sponsored winners of Scrivner Royal and Atlantia’s Garb Challenge.  Our event competition winners included for the Cooks Guild Challenge, Lord Charles Fleming with a baked chicken, stewed kale and leeks and a dessert of ground barley and beer battered fried apple rings; the Period Science Faire, Lady Ailis inghean Ui Riagain with her bee keeping display and research; the Arts and Science of Archery, Baron Christophe of Grey for his quivers; and the Equestrian Competition by Lady Morgan Wolfsinger for her poetry honoring our equestrian community.

With thanks and praise for all the competitiors, competition sponsors, and winners, vivat!

Haelfdige Annora Hall
A&S and Competitions Coordinator

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