[MR] Atlantian Royal Encampment at Pennsic

Randy Dees via Atlantia atlantia at seahorse.atlantia.sca.org
Tue May 30 17:08:47 PDT 2017


Their Majesties wish to ensure that all Atlantians have a place to camp
with friendly folks at War this year.  The Royal Encampment will be open to
any who wish to camp there, as well as hosting an Artisan's Row as was done
last year.  If you are interested in camping in Atlantian Royal, please
contact any of the camp stewards for this year.  We are:

Talorgen Hersir (talorgen at roanwoulfe.com)
Duchess Brianna O'Duinn (brianna at roanwoulfe.com)
Lord Carrick MacManus (dragons6605 at yahoo.com)

Online registration for Pennsic closes just under 3 weeks from now, on the
17th of June.  Please register for wherever you may be camping to reserve
your space at the War!

In addition to camping, it is the will of Their Majesties that Royal be
utilized as much as can be arranged this year.  Unless it is raining,
Atlantian court will be held there.  We will also be holding a Kingdom
party and at least one bardic, and would welcome any who might wish to host
their own activities in the Royal encampment.  More will be posted about
these activities soon.


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