[MR] BBC: Stirling Castle Slide Show

Garth Groff via Atlantia atlantia at seahorse.atlantia.sca.org
Wed May 31 01:57:05 PDT 2017

Noble Friends, Especially Fellow Scots:

Today the BBC is offering a gallery of photos showing Stirling Castle. 
This impressive fortress is one of the most popular tourist destinations 
in Scotland. It changed hands many times in the Scottish Wars of 
Independence, and overlooks the battle sites of Stirling Bridge and 
Bannockburn, two of Scotland's greatest victories over the English. What 
you see today is largely James IV and James V's renaissance-era palace 
from the 1500s, and it is indeed spectacular: 

View 14 shows Mary of Guise's bedroom (actually used for receiving her 
most important visitors). Note the golf clubs by the bed.

The BBC commentary calls this the "last castle", perhaps because in 1304 
it was the last castle in Scottish hands during Edward I's attempted 
conquest. Actually, there are over 2,000 castles in Scotland, many 
ruinous, but others preserved or even still occupied.

Yours Aye,

Lord Mungo Napier, That Proud Scot

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