[MR] Ruby Joust - Armored schedule

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Wed May 17 07:17:20 PDT 2017

Ruby Joust 2017 - Armored schedule

8pm – Torchlight Challenge Tourney – Vespers Tourney ~ The first tournament will be a deed of arms at the tolling of vespers. Noble warriors of Atlantia, make bold challenges and meet your opponent as the sun wans and at twilight strike mighty blows to create a spectacle that will be remembered for ages. While the challengers strive upon the field there will be a revel for all to enjoy the evening while witnessing the deeds. ~ This tournament begins on Friday at 8:00pm and will be open to all who wish to issue a challenge in any number of weapons forms and among any number of opponents. You can make your challenge before you arrive or make a challenge to any who would take the field. While the tournament progresses there will be a revel open to all where there will be tables set for refreshments and libations games of skill and chance, singing and dancing.

9:30am – Inspections and Authorizations
11am – Ruby Joust – All fighters of Atlantia! Test your skill and demonstrate your virtue in one of the premier tournaments of our fine kingdom.  The ruby has been said to hold special properties and has been associated often with protection to those who would put themselves in harm’s way – While we honor the champion who wins the day, the fighter who most demonstrates the virtues of Chivalry will bestowed with the highest honor of the Ruby Prize. 
2pm – Three man team Melees – Assemble a team of three mighty warriors to fight in the field and at the barrier. Each team will have the opportunity to test their might - first in several rounds of a bear pit style melee in the open field to determine the top teams (number depends on the number of team participating). Upon determining the best warriors for the day, the top teams will fight one single elimination round robin at the Barrier to determine the winner. 
5pm – Military Tournament – In honor of Memorial Day and all members of the military, both past and present. Open to members of the Armed Forces, or those would do honor to a loved one who serves(d). Format to be determined based on numbers of entries. 

9:30am – Inspections and Authorizations
10:30am – Novice Tourney – Sunday morning will see those newest to the life of arms gather to test themselves against their peers in the Novice Tournament.~ The Company of the Cross & Lily will sponsor a Novice Tourney open to all fighters who have been fighting for ONE YEAR or less, from the date of their initial authorization. Format will be determined by the number of entrants.
12pm – Kraken Challenge – The mighty Order of the Kraken will hold the field against all challengers. Bring your skills in all forms and issue challenges to any and all Krakens assembled. The warrior who inspires this Order will be held in high regard and honored by being allowed to carry the mighty Kraken Buckler for a years’ time. 
3pm – The Resurrection of St. Sensuous – Heavy fighters will battle to secure the blessings of the Saint in a 30 minute resurrection melee. Details depending on number of participants.

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