[MR] CULTURA ATLANTIA COMPETITION at the Coronation of Amos and Kara

Janina Krakowska via Atlantia atlantia at seahorse.atlantia.sca.org
Sat Aug 26 12:43:43 PDT 2017


Unto the glorious and creative subjects of our beloved Kingdom of Atlantia
does Janina Krakowska (Competitions Deputy) send Greetings!!

Upon the occasion of the Coronation of Amos and Kara, rightful Heirs to the
thrones of Atlantia, there will be a prestigious Competition celebrating
the culture of our beloved rulers.  HRH Amos has set the theme as Richard
I's rescue of his sister from Sicily in 1190. He has written a short
history. This will be available from the Coronation website.  Praise and
treasure will be due to the winner of the competition. And all who
participate will contribute to the glory of the Coronation of our rulers.

Along with the competition, there will be a Display of similar items for
those wish to share them with us all.  For those viewing the Tempore,
please leave comments for these fine people.

The call also goes out for those who will share a part of their day and
help evaluate and judge the entries. The artisans/scientists and I thank
you for serving our fair Kingdom.

The judging will use the forms and criteria found at:

The Tempore Atlantia has been using these criteria for a while, and ought
to be familiar to those who have entered those competitions.

I look forward to your creative efforts, and seeing the impressive display
at Coronation!

In Service to Atlantia, Her Heirs, Her Populace, and the Arts and Sciences!

Baroness Janina Krakowska

janina.krakowska at gmail.com

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