[MR] Reminder: Deadline for Kingdom Chatelain and Southern Regional Deputy Chatelain Applicants is 8/31/17

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Unto the Populace of fair Atlantia does Mistress Mary Isabel of Heatherstone, Kingdom Chatelain, send greetings. The Kingdom Chatelain office is seeking applicants for both the Kingdom Chatelain, and Southern Regional Deputy Chatelain positions.   As these positions are a Great Officer of State, and Officer of State (respectively) you must understand and comply with the eligibility requirements and responsibilities detailed in the following documents:
Governing Documents of the SCA (http://www.sca.org/docs/pdf/govdocs.pdf): Part I.D.2 (Membership Requirements: Officers) and Part VII (Kingdom, Principality, and Local Officers). 
Atlantian Great Book of Law (http://www.atlantia.sca.org/offices/seneschal/clerk-of-law/book-of-law/laws-of-the-kingdom), Sections 4 and 5
Atlantian Book of Policy (http://www.atlantia.sca.org/offices/seneschal/clerk-of-law/policy/seneschal), Section 9 (Policies of the Kingdom Chatelain)
These documents may have a lot of text, but what they don’t really discuss is how wonderful the job is, and how inspiring it is to meet all of these new Atlantians. If you are interested in applying for either of these positions, please include the following information in an email to me (chatelain at atlantia.sca.org) and to Their Majesties Cuan and Signy (trm at atlantia.sca.org):
* Full name (modern and SCA)
* Complete contact information (including mailing, email address, and phone #)
* SCA membership # and Expiration Date
* Letter explaining your experience (professional and SCA) and why you would like to be considered
The deadline for submission of the above information is August 31, 2017.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any additional questions. 
In service to Atlantia and all Her people ~Molly 
Mary Isabel of Heatherstone, OL
Kingdom Chatelain

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