[MR] Sunday Archery at Grimmsfield

Stephan Grimm via Atlantia atlantia at seahorse.atlantia.sca.org
Thu Aug 17 15:16:39 PDT 2017

My good and noble friends of the bow,

                To celebrate our triumphant return from the Great Pennsic
wars, and to re-connect to our friends that did not go, Grimmsfield would
like to offer a chance for all archers to join together in comradery and
archery shooting! This Sunday 8/20/17 from 4 till dusk we will shoot!!
Newcomers are also always welcome and we have a full complement of loaner
gear. As if it needs to be said, snacks will never be turned away! Royal
rounds and a push to get more IKACs recorded will also be going on. For more
information please see www.grimmsfield.com <http://www.grimmsfield.com> .
See you on the range.

Your servant,


TL:DR: Archery at Grimmsfield 8/20/17 4 till dusk.


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