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Noble Friends, Especially Privateers:

On this day in 1343, a several knights of Brittany who had been 
guaranteed safety under a treaty were beheaded on the orders of the 
French king Philip VI. Among these was Olivier de Clisson IV. His widow, 
Jeanne de Clisson, sold her estates and raised a force of loyal men who 
ruthlessly attacked Philip's supporters in Brittany. Later she bought 
three ships and became a privateer operating for the English. She 
attacked French ships, and carried supplies for the English in the 
campaign that led to the Battle of Crecy. This was a woman not to be 
trifled with, and earned her the title "The Lioness of Brittany".

You can read a brief biography of Jeanne de Clisson at 
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jeanne_de_Clisson .

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