[MR] University deputy position open

Jennifer Fischer via Atlantia atlantia at seahorse.atlantia.sca.org
Mon Sep 26 08:58:47 PDT 2016


Have you ever wanted to be part of the Kingdom of Atlantia’s University
team?  An opportunity has opened for a University deputy, learning the ins
and outs of running this amazing educational aspect of Atlantia’s Arts,
Sciences, and Martial community.   University is looking for a deputy that
is interested in learning how to request and assess bid proposals, gather
and organize classes, manage the online system, communicate with autocrats
and instructors, manage the running of a University session, and basically
learn how to utilize University sessions to promote A&S and learning in
this wonderful Kingdom of ours.   Though sessions happen three times a
year, University requires year round involvement to ensure the sessions run
smoothly and can be the best experience for students and instructors.

The Candidate is required to be a Fellow of the University (information
regarding degrees can be found on the University website) and a paid member
of the SCA.  Ability to travel to all reaches of the Kingdom three times a
year (First weekend in Feb, second weekend in June, and third weekend in
September), excellent communication skills, reliable email and internet
access, and an interest in furthering the education of the Kingdom are
necessary qualifications we are looking for in a University deputy.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact Mistress Lisette
la Roux at university at atlantia.sca.org.


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