[MR] Coronation Tempore Competition/Display

Janina Krakowska via Atlantia atlantia at seahorse.atlantia.sca.org
Mon Sep 26 10:40:40 PDT 2016

Greetings Fair Atlantia. Coronation is this weekend!  I apologize if you
receive this notice multiple times. I am attempting to reach as many of our
populace as I can through many venues.

At the Coronation  of William Thomas and Alyna, the A&S competition/display
formerly known as Tempore Atlantia has been replaced with one focused on
the personas of Their incoming Majesties, the Cultural Tempore. Thusly, the
focus will be the 12th century Europe. This was an enjoyable and exciting
event 6 months ago, and I believe that it will be again!

Have fun with your entries and displays! Getting feedback on your efforts
is always a useful thing.  I can just about guarantee that Their Majesties
will stop by to see your work.

Baroness Janina Krakowska
Deputy MOAS for Competitions


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