[MR] Dun Carraig Baronial Birthday Armored & Rapier - "Ferocious Beasts" Needed

Kelly Keck via Atlantia atlantia at seahorse.atlantia.sca.org
Sun Sep 18 15:31:36 PDT 2016

Armored and rapier fighters of Atlantia,

For our October 8 Baronial Birthday, Dun Carraig is planning a hunt. But we
can't have a hunt without animals! We are looking for volunteers to play
the roles of the ferocious beasts in both armored and rapier combat. On the
armored side, boars will fight two-sword, stags with greatsword, and bears
with polearm.

On the rapier side, bring whatever weapons you like. Boars can be killed by
three hits to the torso, and only the torso, as a boar's head is hard and
unlikely to be punctured. Bears require either a head shot or five to the

While there will be prizes for the most successful hunters, there will also
be a prize for the deadliest animal. And all fighters who volunteer as
animals will receive a token to show our appreciation.

If you're up for the challenge, please contact either me, Lord Cristobal
Espada de Avalos (rapier at birthday.duncarraig.net), or Baron Harald Brandarm
(armored at birthday.duncarraig.net).

Lady Adriana Michaels, Autocrat for Dun Carraig Birthday.

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