[MR] Fighter Sign In for WoW

Mindi Bishop via Atlantia atlantia at seahorse.atlantia.sca.org
Sat Sep 17 06:34:08 PDT 2016

FIGHTERS!!!!!! Are you going to War of the Wings? Yes you are. So then why
haven't you signed in with your MoL yet?!?!
Right this moment, go to
and sign in.
Thank you to the 50 of you that have already done this, but last year I had
200 of you sign in. I would love to have even more of you signed in before
we even get to site.
Please pass this on to any one or any group you think would need this.
Thank you!

Lady Marryn Blackgroves
Atlantian Marshal's Roster Deputy
Goshawk Herald
Barony of Hawkwood
Protege' to Master Oshi
House Hawkins

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