[MR] Morning Court at Battle on the Bay

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Unto Their Majesties Dietrich and Thora, Their Highness's William and Alyna and the populace of Atlantia does Brehyres Wynne ferch Rhodri give greetings.  the following is a report of the morning court of King Dietrich and Queen Thora at the Battle on the Bay...

 On the morning of the third day of September, Atlantia awoke to the threat of a demon wind and its fellow rain monster.   Though a great event was planned, where many fighters, artisans and bards were to assemble, the possibility of abandoning the site was a real possibility.
 The wait for dawn was nerve-wracking, Autocrat and Head Cook both were in a state of fretfulness; Queen Thora comforted the anxious while others strengthened the ropes on their tents and pavilions for the long day’s storm; when LO…
Onto the grounds strode mighty Dietrich, King of Atlantia; who with the shaking of his righteous fist drove back the worst of the winds and banished the rain entirely.  All were glad for there was much to be done this day.
 Though the clouds hung low and the winds did whip themselves into a frenzy from time to time, the Majesties Atlantia did command a morning court to which they invited the Baronies of Storvick and Loch Mere to attend Them.  
 Almost immediately, The Baron and Baroness of Dun Carraig, Ragnarr Blackhammer and Lynette Semere, request an audience with Their Majesties and entered the Royal presence in a stately manner accompanied by drum-toting minions. His Excellency had recently received word of troubles I his own duchy and requested that he and his lady be relieved of their guardianship over the barony.  They ensured the Crown that suitable replacements were standing ready to take their places and the barony would continue to enjoy peace and prosperity.  They then divested themselves of cape and coronet entrusting the symbols of leadership to their King and Queen.  Kind words and many thanks were exchanged and now Duke Ragnarr Blackhammer and Countess Lynette Semere were made a Baron and Baroness of the Court of Atlantia.  They soon left for the Dukes estates, to many cheers and great applause.
 As a leaderless barony is one adrift in the perilous seas that surround Atlantia, Their majesties called forth Sir Harald Brandon Olafssen and Mistress Ceridwen ferch Owain were summoned to face their Majesties, for it was these two gentles that had been spoken of just before.  With great promise and mighty words to bind them to the Crown of Atlantia Harald and Ceridwen swore to lead the Barony of Dun Carraig and shepherd its populace towards bright future.
 With those things accomplished, King Dietrich and Queen Thora rose and commanded that the day begin for there were many battles to be fought, many arrows and axes yearning to fly, friends to visit, mead to sip and full day to enjoy.  
 And thus was it done.        

This is given, to the best of my knowledge and ability as a true accounting.  If there is a mistake (or two) please inform me immediately.
I remain your servant,

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