[MR] Wikipedia: York Castle/Clifford's Tower

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Wed Mar 16 02:05:26 PDT 2016

Noble Friends,

Sometimes history isn't pretty, and horrid incidents should not be 
forgotten as they remind us never to repeat those mistakes. Such is the 
case of York Castle. On this date in 1190, 150 Jews who had taken refuge 
from a mob in the wooden keep committed suicide with the last ones 
standing setting the keep on fire to prevent desecration of their 
bodies. The few who surrendered were butchered by the mob surrounding 
the keep.

The Norman motte and Clifford's Tower, the later stone keep, are all 
that remains of York Castle and are now popular tourist destination: 
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/York_Castle . Take note of the excellent 
period views of the tower, including the Victorian-era engraving with 
the man pulling a grass roller (Must keep dangerous nature in check, you 
know.). English Heritage also maintains a web site for Clifford's Tower: 

Yours Aye,

A somber Lord Mungo Napier

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