[MR] Lost and Found at Kingdom Arts and Science

Laurie Clarkston via Atlantia atlantia at seahorse.atlantia.sca.org
Wed Mar 16 04:34:46 PDT 2016

Kingdom Arts and Science Festival Lost and Found:
I have a few items left behind from KA&S Festival.
Cane: A lovely lady lend her cane to a gentle to use during the day, and
he was unable to find her at the end of the day to return it. I have it.
Easter Basket: Cute pink and yellow Easter basket that still has price tag
was left behind. Still time to claim it before Easter..!
Small TV Table.
Gold table cloth: very pretty.

A bag of Command Hanging hooks never made it home from the event. Please
check your stuff to see if it got a ride home with you. These are the white
plastic tags that were used to hang up the banners throughout the building,
and the various Kingdom clothing/cloaks on display.

If you know the owner of the above listed items, please contact me directly
to arrange transport home. Thank you.


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