[MR] One week left to pre-register for class at Fall University

Jennifer Fischer via Atlantia atlantia at seahorse.atlantia.sca.org
Thu Sep 10 09:52:34 PDT 2015


Just a reminder that you have one week left to pre-register for classes at
Fall University.  Pre-Registration closes on September 16th.

You can always register in person the day of classes, however many classes
are limited attendance, so register early to avoid missing out. If you are
having trouble registering online, but wish to take any limited attendance
classes, email the Registrar with your wish list.

Camping and lunch available. Also, Their Majesties will be holding Their
Curia after classes. Additional information can be found here:


Thank you to all the instructors, the autocrat, and their staff that have
worked to make this session possible.

While University of Atlantia is a free event to attend, it is not a free
event to put on. Please consider packing a $5 donation per adult who plans
to take classes to help defray the costs.

University wouldn't exist without you!!! Thank you for supporting these
excellent learning opportunities.

In service,
Lady Lisette la Roux
University Chancellor

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