[MR] Kingdom A/S

BaronMungoe McKlinchey via Atlantia atlantia at seahorse.atlantia.sca.org
Wed Sep 9 15:20:23 PDT 2015

To all that see these greetings,
Reminder that Kingdom A/S has no fee for day tripping, (I am sure donations would be appreciated. ) There is a $8 dollar fee for camping overnight. So if you are coming for Saint Aiden Practice and are camping, you will have a fee. I would advise camping if you can since it is a good idea to bond with your fellows, but it is your choice. The Chancellor of University has very graciously allowed us to come on short notice, so I would appreciate full co operation with their staff, and if you are asked to pitch in please do so. Remember you represent the Army, the Royals, and the Kingdom every time you step out with the Army and people remember things. If you want to be considered to be in the ten man unbelt next year find me or a Sargent to make sure your in our log book.

Thank you.

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