[MR] (KASF) Persona Pentathlon and Youth Triathlon!!

Grace Morris via Atlantia atlantia at seahorse.atlantia.sca.org
Thu Oct 22 05:33:07 PDT 2015

Who: You, the Amazing Artisan
Where: Canton of Sudentore (Spotsylvania, VA)
What: An Amazing Competition
When: March 5, 2016
Why:  Because you can!!

We hope to see you in March! As always, if you have any questions, I'm here
to make up "official-sounding" answers.

In Service,

Mistress Jessamyn di Piemonte, coordinator

The Atlantian Order of the Laurel would like to invite any and all to enter
their annual Persona Pentathlon and Persona Triathlon to be held at the
2016 Kingdom Arts and Science Festival.

What is the Persona Pentathlon and the Persona Triathlon?

*Persona Pentathlon* is a competition where each entrant submits five items
that a single persona would have owned or used. Your entry does NOT have to
be YOUR persona. But the five items need to be for one persona. There are
seven categories and 3 of your five items must be from 3 different
categories. The categories include suggested entries, but are not limited
to such.

*Persona Triathlon* is for youth (17 and under) entrants who must have
three different items that relate to a single persona.

*Category 1:* bookbinding, calligraphy, drawing, illumination, painting,
papermaking, pigments & inks, sculpture

*Category 2:* beadwork, clothing accessories (including belts, pouches, and
fans), clothing/costume (600-1100, 1101-1350, 1351-1450, 1451-1600, or
non-European), hats, knitting, nalbinding, knotted work, lacemaking,
needlework (counted thread or free form)

*Category 3:* ceramics, enameling, glass blowing, lampworking, lapidary,
mosaic, pottery, stained glass

*Category 4:* basket weaving, brewing & vintning, cooking, dyeing,
furniture making, herb craft, soap making, spinning, toys & games, weaving
(full-sized fabrics or narrow bands)

*Category 5:* lyric composition, masks, music composition, performance
(vocal, instrumental, poetry, storytelling), poetry, prose, dance
performance and composition, martial arts performance, research paper

*Category 6:* armor, chain mail, blacksmithing, jewelry smithing, iron
work, tool making, casting, leather work, wood carving and construction,
making musical instruments

*Category 7:* heraldic display, horse barding, subtleties, and anything
else that just doesn't seem to fit into the other categories

*Please Note:*

   - Each item must have separate documentation.
   JUDGING FORMS <http://moas.atlantia.sca.org/judging/> EXCEPT for the
   youth triathlon, which will use the youth triathlon form
   - If you wish to enter a RESEARCH PAPER as one of your category entries,
   you MUST contact Mistress Jessamyn di Piemonte no later than *FEBRUARY
   27, 2016* (papers must be received by this date) so that she can arrange
   to have your paper read BEFORE KASF. RESEARCH PAPERS WILL NOT BE
   - Contact Mistress Jessamyn at gmorrismusic at gmail.com if you have any
   concerns or to consult about the categories your entries might fall under
   so that they meet the entry requirements.

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