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Baronö Bessenyei Rozsa via Atlantia atlantia at seahorse.atlantia.sca.org
Thu Oct 22 06:29:19 PDT 2015

The biggest compliment I have received regarding the marshallate at War of
the Wings this year is that we put the "war" back into the "War".  As I
looked around Saturday afternoon I noticed a steady decrease in
participants, however that was not due to the lack of activities but from
folks dropping out due to sheer exhaustion.  I was blessed to be able to
work with the staff that we had and I would recommend any of them to any
event steward who wants to ensure those attending their event have a
wonderful time!

First off thank you to all the marshals, MiT's, waterbearers, and MoL's
that came out to support the event, there is absolutely no way we can host
all of this without your assistance.  It was invaluable!!!

Special thanks to our armored marshals Lord Connall, and Lord Alric the
Mad, Rapier marshal Lord Aedh, Archery Marshal Mistress Lorelei Greenleaf,
Archery deputies Lady Sarah and Lord Eirik, Youth Archery Marshal Lord
Mungo, Thrown Weapons marshal Lord Robert Leftehand​, Combat Archery
Marshal Master Achbar, Youth Combat Marshal Sir Axel Tavastia​, Equestrian
marshal Lord Von of Hawkwood, Deputy Equestrian Marshal Zarra de la Vega,
and last but not least our beautiful MoL Lady Marryn.  Thank you, thank
you, thank you!

Also a thank you to Lord Christian Thomas​ and the Order of St. Augustine
for hosting the various armored combat tourneys on Thursday, as well as
Lord Cameron de Grey​ who hosted a missile tourney that while not heavily
participated in, was the talk of the town of those who were there on

Additional thanks does go out to Baroness Edan  for her work as field
steward, Lady Shrewlet for her ever helpful presence on the field in a
variety of roles, and Dame Morwenna Trevethan​ for her staff of
waterbearers.  You guys are the quiet support  that we could not do what we
do without.  Much, much appreciation as well!!!

~a grateful MiC, Baroness Rozsa

*B**aronö Bessenyei Rozsa*
*Rachel Rosado*
*Siege DEM, Atlantia*
*rozsa at ebonwoulfe.com <rozsa at ebonwoulfe.com> *

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