[MR] Inter-Baronial Bardic Champions Competition at War of the Wings - RESULTS!

Lara Coutinho via Atlantia atlantia at seahorse.atlantia.sca.org
Mon Oct 19 20:34:57 PDT 2015

The winner of the Inter-Baronial Bardic Champions Competition on Saturday
night at War of the Wings was Lord Jaume de Monçó, the Performing Arts
Champion of the Barony of Windmasters' Hill!

He performed an impressively smooth period magic trick of "Cups and Balls"
and will share the research documentation of it by request.

He also happened to provide his own "Oktoberfest" brew in his role as
Kingdom Brewer for the evening's "Bards and Brewers Concert" event, and I
personally guarantee that there is no relationship between his delicious
Oktoberfest brew and his successful collection of the most voting beans in
the contest.  ;)

Many very special thanks to Their Excellencies of Windmasters' Hill,
Callixtus and Adriana, for attending the competition in person. They braved
very cold temperatures, biting wind, and allowed others the closer spaces
to our single fire bowl. They made the time to come support all the
Baronial Champions in Performing Arts in the face of personal discomfort
and other warmer temptations, and I thank them most sincerely for their
time, attention, and support.

All seven of the participating Baronial Champions in Performing Arts
deserve massive rounds of applause for their performances not only for
delivering high quality performances, but for doing so in the most
challenging physical circumstances I've seen in 23+ years of SCA
performing. Please keep an eye out at future events for these performers
and mention to these folks that you heard the tale of these brave,
tolerant, and talented performers:

-Baroness Morgan Wolfsinger - Baronial Bardic Champion of the Barony of
Black Diamond (Who won the Unbelted Bardic Tourney on Friday!)
-Lady Thamira HaSopheret <https://www.facebook.com/thamira.hasopheret>-
Baronial Bardic Champion of our hosting Barony of Sacred Stone
-Lord Jaume de Monçó (Craig B. Daniel <https://www.facebook.com/teucer>) -
Baronial Performing Arts Champion of the Barony of Windmasters' Hill
-Lady Morgaine Ferguson (Ivy Pandora <https://www.facebook.com/ivy.pandora>)
- Baronial Bardic Champion of the Barony of Hidden Mountain
-milady Reynsa Keyferin - Baronial Bardic Co-Champion of the Barony of
Notinghil Coil (also Director of the WoW European Pick Up Dance Band!)
-Lady Diedre O'Bardon - filling in for the Baronial Bardic Champion of the
Barony of Bright Hills
-Lady Scholastica Joycors (Mylinda Butterworth
<https://www.facebook.com/mylinda.butterworth.7>) - Baronial Bardic
Champion of the Barony of Lochmere

Many thanks to those who braved the cold to witness and provide an audience
for these dedicated and loyal Baronial Champions! That includes a few
performers who had committed to perform in our "Bards and Brewers Concert"
which turned out to be a cozy circle of dedicated bards including Master Scott
Efenwealt Vaughan <https://www.facebook.com/scott.dinger> and Mistress
Aenor (Kirsten Humdinger Vaughan
<https://www.facebook.com/kirsten.humdinger.vaughan>), Lord Johann von
Solothurn <https://www.facebook.com/johann.vonsolothurn>, Mistress Rosalind
(Jonna Bernstein <https://www.facebook.com/jonnabernstein>), and my ever
supportive Baritone husband Manus MacDhai (Scott Dean
<https://www.facebook.com/scott.dean.146069>) , AND Dervila Ni Leanon
<https://www.facebook.com/dervila.nileanon> and Tom Drumbuilder
and a teenage gentleman, Xavier, who juggled 3 bean bags and was awesome!

Please applaud these folks when you see them in the future! These dedicated
souls did what few dared to do!

--Lady Sophia the Orange

Deputy Village Steward for Performing Arts at War of the Wings

Kingdom of Atlantia, Minister of Arts and Sciences, Deputy for Performing

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