[MR] Thank you and request from MiC WoWX

Baronö Bessenyei Rozsa via Atlantia atlantia at seahorse.atlantia.sca.org
Mon Oct 19 13:59:56 PDT 2015

I would like to send a huge thank you out to all the marshals, MiT's and
MoL's who assisted at War of the Wings this past year, as there is no way
we could have even begun to host the amount of participants and activities
that we did without you.   A special thanks go out especially to each of
the activity marshals and MoL who headed up their specific areas and who
spent hours upon hours each day on the various fields hosting and running
activities, often well into the evening and night, never mind the work they
put in prior to the event getting schedules together, write-ups together,
and ensuring they had all they needed to host the activities they were
planning.  I know you are all beyond exhausted and I hope you are
recuperating.   Please know you have my unending gratitude for the amazing
jobs each of you did.

With that being said I have a massive request from the Kingdom.  I have
heard many times over the past few years that there just weren't enough
martial activities at the "war".  We packed them in this year with
activities all day long for 3 full days.  Unfortunately our ability to
provide a good coverage of marshals and MoL's was hindered by the lack of
marshals/MoL's not only volunteering at the event, but in the Kingdom in
general.  In order to continue to host a large variety of martial
activities for that many days on end, the marshals and MoL's need help.  If
you participate in a martial activity within the kingdom, please consider
becoming a marshal.  If you are a marshal and attending War of the Wings,
please volunteer to marshal at least one competition or battle.  If you
simply enjoy watching one of the martial activities, please become an MoL.
This way everyone gets to play, our marshals and MoL's don't become
exhausted, and we are assured we have plenty of coverage to ensure the
safety of everyone.  My fear is that in the future if we do not have
appropriate coverage activities will end up being delayed until volunteers
step forward or cancelled all together.

In Service and gratitude,


MiC - WoWX

*B**aronö Bessenyei Rozsa*
*Rachel Rosado*
*Siege DEM, Atlantia*
*rozsa at ebonwoulfe.com <rozsa at ebonwoulfe.com> *

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