[MR] Largesse Competition at Fall Crown

Mike Edwards via Atlantia atlantia at seahorse.atlantia.sca.org
Fri Oct 2 20:39:52 PDT 2015

The Dirty Dozen Donation Derby is coming back to Atlantian Crown
Tournament! Help me in celebrating the craftsmanship and generosity of the
Atlantian populace! Crown Tournament will be held November 6-8, that is a
little more than a month away.

* The theme for this competition is Blue and/or White! Your items should be
primarily blue and/or white in order to enter.
* All entrants must create a dozen (12) of the same type of item based on
the theme that are suitable for largesse.  Some items that would work are;
-12 needlebooks
-12 hats from different (or the same) period(s)
-12 childrens toys
-12 lengths of woven trim
---12 socks would not be suitable as that is only 6 pairs
* All entries must have a tag or a card with them with information about
your items, and be ready to be gifted the day of the competition. Important
information such as allergy warnings should be noted here. Items will not
be accepted if they are not tagged.
* Items need not be documented. This is not an Arts and Sciences
* The use of Spike or the Atlantian Ensign is acceptable, but items should
not have any other heraldry on them as they are meant to be given to others.
*Judging will be done by the 'beads in a cup' method.  Members of the
populace are asked to come by and vote for their favorite entry!
* You may enter more than once! ( Note: Two entries means 24 items, and so

The winner of the Dirty Dozen Donation Derby is the gentile with the most
beads in their entry's cup.  The winner gets to select one item from each
of the other competitors.  So 12 entries means the winner gets 11 prizes!

The rest of the items entered into the competition will be donated to Their
Majesties as Largesse.

In Service and Art
~Seigneur Dreux d'Anjou

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