[MR] Verbal Pollings & Other Kingdom Law Changes

Adriana la Bretonne via Atlantia atlantia at seahorse.atlantia.sca.org
Fri Dec 4 17:14:00 PST 2015

Good evening,

In past couple of days, I have observed multiple persons asking what is
required to conduct a verbal polling of a Kingdom or Society Order
according to Atlantian Kingdom Law.

Section 8.3 defines a verbal polling as published in the Atlantian Great
Book of Law is NOT current. If you download the Book of Law it is only
current through May of 2015. It has NOT yet been updated to reflect the law
changes made by Their Majesties Logan and Esa at the Curia held at Fall

To see these changes, you will need to refer to the October Acorn
supplement (Atlantia ACORN 1510 XTRA Law Changes of Logan and Esa.pdf)
which is available from http://enewsletter.sca.org/. You have to log-in
with your member number and password, navigate to the Atlantian newsletter
page, and then you can download the .pdf document.

OR, you can go to the Clerk of Law's website (
http://atlantia.sca.org/offices/seneschal/clerk-of-law) which also has all
the law changes listed. This change and others are in effect and will
effect how business should be conducted at tomorrow's Order meetings and in
other settings.

Specifically, for Verbal Pollings or Kingdom and Society Orders, Section
8.3 of Kingdom law as changed by Logan & Esa is published on page 8 of
the October Acorn supplement (Atlantia ACORN 1510 XTRA Law Changes of Logan
and Esa.pdf). It now reads:

*8.13 Verbal Polling Record Requirements*

All Verbal Pollings must be documented. This documentation shall be
submitted via the Electronic System for Pollings so as to be maintained as
part of the Royal Records.

Documentation for Verbal Pollings shall include:

   - Name of the Order
   - Location and date of polling
   - List of candidate(s) being polled, including the following for each
   candidate: society name, modern name and the discipline (if applicable) for
   which they are being polled
   - A list of all Order Members participating in the Polling
   - A tally of all Order Members responses divided into Yes, No and Abstain
   - A record of each Order Member’s response (Yes, No, or Abstain as
   defined in 8.12)

I hope this clarifies some of the questions being raised. I hope folks will
take the time to access and review the Law changes before Unevent tomorrow
so we are all working from the current version.

Thank you all,

Adriana la Bretonne, OP
Baroness of Windmasters' Hill <http://www.windmastershill.org>
Kingdom of Atlantia <http://atlantia.sca.org>

"In order to keep a true perspective of one's importance, everyone should
have a dog that will worship him and a cat that will ignore him."   ~
Dereke Bruce

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