[MR] Performing Arts Guild Meeting at Unevent cancelled due to illness :(

Lara Coutinho via Atlantia atlantia at seahorse.atlantia.sca.org
Fri Dec 4 17:15:53 PST 2015

Very sorry to say, but I have to cancel the Performing Arts Guild meeting
at Unevent tomorrow. :( I'm still very sick and have not healed enough by
now to warrant traveling to the event. Really thought I would've been
better by now... So, we'll move to Plan B and have a meeting later online
with Zoom.us that's a lot like Skype but allows people to call in with just
a "dumb phone." I'll post details on that next week. SO, for now, please
spread the word that the Unevent Performers meeting is cancelled due to
Plague, or I've been turned into a dragon temporarily, or something much
more fun and creative than laying in bed waiting for my body to heal.

Still happy to send out the draft Guild Revamp plan to anyone who wants it.
Please email me at dmoas-performance AT atlantia.sca.org and watch the
Atlantia Performing Arts blog for updates: http://perform.atlantia.sca.org
You can also get updates on the Facebook group for Atlantia Bards and
Performers if you're a facebooker.

Thank you for your attention! Stay healthy! Take your vitamins!
- Sophia the Orange, Atlantia Performing Arts Guildmistress and Chief Cat

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