[MR] Unevent thank you

Vivian Morgan via Atlantia atlantia at seahorse.atlantia.sca.org
Sun Dec 6 13:52:51 PST 2015

Unto the Populace of Atlantia, Greetings All!

We want to thank each and every one of you for helping to make this 
year’s Unevent so successful.This was our first attempt at Autocrating 
and there were a number of glitches and learning opportunities and thank 
you all for be so accommodating to the changes, the challenges, and of 
course, the stairs.We want to mention several people personally for 
their tremendous gift of helping out.It simply would NOT have gone so 
well without them.Thank you to Emeludt Hansler and Baroness Oriana of 
Xylina for hitting the ground running, keeping us sane, and making sure 
all the T’s were crossed and the I’s dotted.Thank you to Kilmeny 
(Dominica) for sitting at troll for so much of the day as well as 
Baroness Ysane for helping get the beginning rush through faster.

Thank you Allesandra de la Luna, and Baroness Catalina of Marinus for 
bringing me caffeine.Thank you to everyone who picked up a bit of trash, 
moved a chair, or otherwise made someone else’s day a little 
easier.Thank you to the Barony of CaerMear for their forbearance with 2 
extreme newbie autocrats who didn’t even know enough to let them know 
they were hosting an event.

Thank you to my Peer, Alesia Gillefalyn, for putting us up to it and 
believing we could do it.

For everyone else who gave us a pep talk, a kind word, or a needed 
explanation:Thank you so much and please forgive us for not remembering 
everyone by name.

Baroness Yenyega Velasconi de Santurce and
Lady Magdalena La Sanguigni

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