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November 18th come to the Crossroads in Stierbach for the Holiday Faire

*Holiday Faire A&S - Theme - At The Crossroads of the World*

*Competition 1* - Scribal Blanks - Help the incoming Scrivener Royal with
blanks from any culture and period. Bristol is fine, perg is fine. Gouache,
acrylic, and period pigments are fine. Please include a picture of the
exemplar if one is used (be creative, you don't have to use a page from a
book... the design in jewelry, on a jar, a statuary etc from the time
period can be used as an exemplar to make a scroll) in your documentation
so we can see how well you captured the spirit of the exemplar.
PLEASE NOTE - If you enter this, you are -giving- the blank to the
Scrivener Royal. It will not go home with you. There will be a prize for
the winner, and thanks for all who enter.  Contact Lady Failenn with
questions - (faoiltighearna at gmail.com or Arts at Stierbach.org)

*Competition 2* - Crossroads of the World: Persona Competition
Considering a Persona Pentathalon but find it intimidating? Passionate
about your persona’s culture and history?
For this Competition, enter one piece of your persona’s kit with
Your documentation should include the following:
The history of the item showing that it is period
How the item fits your persona’s culture and time
Your process / construction of the item
Email Lady Esa at Arts at Stierbach.org if you have any questions.

*Competition 3* - Largesse Competition for Holiday Faire 2018
Sponsored by Countess Rowan Berran McDowell
In 1221 the Venetians entered into a trade agreement with Mongolia in order
to take full advantage of the many treasures passing along the Silk Road
and to corner control of how those goods entered the European trade
markets.  Venice could boast of a wealth luxury goods as well as items you
would find in any home . The markets were bursting with salt and grains,
like millet and wheat, to porcelain dishware, glassware, pearls, all kinds
of gems, mineral dyes- like Indigo, peacock feathers, spices, and delicious
amounts of textiles such as silks, cottons and brocades from Egypt, Asia
Minor and the Far East.
12th Night in Atlantia will be all about Venice. This Largesse Competition
will celebrate the creativity and generosity of her people which can only
be equaled historically by the creativity and generosity of the Serene City
As a Patroness of the Arts, I, “Contessa” Rowan Berran McDowell, founder of
Largesse Makers of Atlantia, challenge all Artisans of Atlantia to join
together and provide an Ocean of Largesse (keeping the arts and wares of
Venice in mind) so that we may provide Their Majesties Amos and Kara with
works of our hands to fill Their coffers and enable Them to provide
lavishly for the subjects of Their Kingdom who do good works during Their
Reign and especially for Atlantia’s 12th Night Celebration.
To enter the competition please make 10 items per entry keeping in mind the
theme for 12th Night. You may enter more then once.  We will be using the
usual A&S Competition Entry Form so please take the time fill it out.
Please have your entries in place by no later then 12 Noon.  Judging will
take place in the late afternoon. First Place will win a $50 Gift Card from
Michaels. 2nd Place will receive a $25 Gift Card from Michaels and 3rd
Place will receive a $10 Gift Card from Michaels. All of the entries for
the competition will become Largesse for Their Majesties.
If you have any questions, I will be happy to find an answer for you. My
email address is: Gerkeeper at mac.com.

*Open Display* - As usual there will be an open display for those who wish
to simply show what they have been working on rather than entering a
competition. Documentation is encouraged, but not required.

Yours in Service,

Lady Failenn Chu ingen ui Fhaelain
Minister of Arts and Sciences for Stierbach
Eastern Deputy of the Atlantian Clerk Signet's Office
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