[MR] virtual Known World Heralds and Scribes Symposium

Nest verch Gwilim spindlebird at gmail.com
Thu Jan 18 09:01:06 PST 2024

 Unto the heralds, scribes, and heraldically-or-scribally-adjacent gentles
of the Known World, greetings!

2024 is now upon us, and the virtual Known World Heralds and Scribes
Symposium team has been hard at work ensuring that we will have an amazing
array of programming. BUT! If you wish to attend this fantastic, world-wide
event, from the comfort of your own home...you must pre-register! Due to
the virtual nature of this event, pre-registration will be required, so we
know who to send important links (zoom and discord) to for attending. Come
for an hour or two, a day, or the whole weekend! Event dates are January 26
-28, 2024. Registration link can be found here:
Please direct any and all questions for the event stewards to vkwhss2024

Further information, including class schedule (with customizable
timezones!) and class descriptions can be found at

As a reminder, if you have already signed up to teach, you do NOT need to
pre-register, as your instructor signup form also serves as your

In service to College and Society,

Nest verch Gwilim, event co-steward, on behalf of the vKWHSS 2024 team

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