[MR] History Blog: 14th C Gauntlet Found in Switzerland

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Thu Jan 18 05:12:15 PST 2024

Noble friends,

Yesterday the History Blog reported on the discovery of an intact 14th
century gauntlet at Kyburg Castle near Zurich. The glove was unearthed
during an investigation/salvage dig when a new house was proposed for the

According to the article, gauntlets of this type from the 14th century are
very rare, and only five other partial examples are known from Switzerland.
This particular gauntlet was found with its mate, which is not complete.

The gauntlets speak of a major transition in European armor. Around 1300
most armor was chain mail and padding, with heavy metal helms. By 1400 the
switch to full suits of articulated plate armor was nearly complete, at
least for nobles or very well-to-do commoners. Of course, infantry still
wore whatever they could get their hands on, including stripping the dead
after a battle for pieces of plate armor.

The dig uncovered what was probably a cellar-level armory and blacksmith
works. Along with the gauntlets, a forge, blacksmith tools, and iron
products were also found. There was also evidence that weaving was done at
the same time, with recovered parts from three looms. The building was
damaged or destroyed by a fire, sealing the artifacts in a room-sized time
capsule below ground.

The gauntlets will be conserved and briefly displayed at the castle. Then
it will be replaced by a 3D printed replica. (Sheesh!)

The illustrated story is at https://www.thehistoryblog.com/archives/69277 .

Yours Aye,

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