[MR] **Important: Please read** Coronation CHANGE of Site.

Cassair Warwick cassair at verizon.net
Tue Feb 20 17:06:58 PST 2024

Posting for the autocrat
**Important: Please read**
Dear Atlantia,
Thank you for your patience. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the
Coronation of Christoph and Adelhait: Master of Game event from April 5th
to the7th is changing sites. The new site is Elchenburg Castle in Elkin,
North Carolina.
We, Your Masters of Game, are working furiously to make sure that the
transition to the new site is an easy one.
The Hunt is still on! The White Rose tavern will still open her doors and
welcome visitors, travelers, hunters and dogs alike. Please visit the
website, at *https://coronation.atlantia.sca.org/*
For those of you who have already registered and paid for Camp Merrick
site/feast/cabin spots, there will be an email coming out to you about that
tonight. There will be re-registration done for you, and refunds based on
how you wish to spend your weekend. There is a four day deadline for you to
send an email to the reservationist, Mistress Ceridwen. Please look for the
The beasts from the wilds of Nanjemoy have roamed south to the lands of
Sacred Stone and they grow hungry from their journey and surly from
waiting. Hunters, gather your dogs…warriors, sharpen your weapons…
artisans, sharpen your steeled gaze on the accoutrements of the hunt…for it
is all well afoot. Will YOU be a Master of Game?
Yours, In Service,
Alexina Mac Suibhne
Gracia Esperança de Seville
Ceridwen ferch Owain

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