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Noble Friends,

Yesterday's History Blog reported on the discovery of an early 7th century
suit of lamellar armor in northeastern Hungary.

The complete suit of armor was found in a warrior's grave near Ebbs by
archaeologists excavating two cemeteries. The warrior was not wearing the
armor, but it was placed over his body along with a bow, arrows in a quiver
and a sword. The whole pile was then topped by a horse.

The grave is thought to have been occupied by a Pannonian Avar cavalryman.
The Pannonian Avers were a migration-period Steppe people who invaded
eastern Europe in the 6th century and settled in the Danube basin. Their
kingdom was defeated in 796 by Charlemagne's son Pepin.

The History Blog story is at https://www.thehistoryblog.com/archives/69408 .

For the Pannonian Avers' history, see

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