[MR] History Blog: Bracteates From Medieval Swedish Grave

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Sun Apr 14 03:24:36 PDT 2024

Noble Friends,

Today the History Blog reports on an unusual 12th century grave find from
Visingsö, Sweden, found during a utility excavation in a medieval church

The grave was loaded with a horde of 170 silver bracteates and several
medieval coins. Bracteates were like coins, but were struck only on one
side and were usually decorative objects rather than money. Finding a
Christian burial with any grave goods is unusual, as this was generally
discouraged by the Church as a pagan practice. The actual coins, thought to
be from Gotland, are stuck together and have yet to be separated and

The grave's occupant, a young adult man, was carefully removed and will be
respectfully reburied along with several other skeletons that were
endangered by the utility work . The bracteates and coins will be
conserved, studied, and will likely end up in a museum.

The story is at  https://www.thehistoryblog.com/archives/69982 .

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