[MR] Crown Letters of Intent Deadline

Leesa Orton ldmolly69 at gmail.com
Sun Oct 22 18:30:04 PDT 2023

Greetings Fair Atlantia from King Ragnarr and Queen Mary Isabel.

Realizing that many of Our populace are returning from War of the Wings, We are minded to allow an additional TWO days for those who wish to submit a Letter of Intent for Our Crown Tournament. All letters are to be received no later than Tuesday (October 24th), and shall include all the following required information:  Modern and SCA names along with address, email address and phone number for both fighter and consort. Membership numbers and expiration dates for both fighter and consort. Please send all Letters of Intent both to Us as well as to the Kingdom Seneschal.

In service to Atlantia and Her people,
Ragnarr and Mary Isabel
King               Queen 

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