[MR] Seeking judges for this Saturday's Buckston event

Lara Coutinho orangesophie at gmail.com
Thu Nov 9 13:54:58 PST 2023

Hail Fair Atlantia!

We are looking for judges for a few super fun contests at this Saturday's
event: Canton of Buckston's Buccaneer Birthday Bash!
Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/795319718655463
Event website: https://buckston.windmastershill.org/buckston_birthday/

A) The costume contest has 3 categories of costumes to judge.

1-Most Authentic 16th century outfit – Focus on source and construction.
2-Most Pirate-y – Dressed in their best pirate garb!
3-Kids – Cutest kid’s costume (but we know they’re all cute)

B) Wanted Poster
Make up a Wanted poster for any actual 16th century pirate, privateer, or
corsair. For example, Spain could want Walter Raleigh for theft and murder
even though England thought him a hero. Extra points for cool historical
details, artwork, or additional supporting information (“documentation”)
about your pirate.

C) Sea Shanty Contest - I'm judging this one, but I'll be happy to have
more folks join in the judging fun if we get the other two contests covered.

This event is a sincerely fun and newcomer friendly event. Dancing, Bardic,
Commedia, and also all the martial fighting fun you could want is happening!

Please let me know if you can come help judge.
Many thanks,
Dame Sophia the Orange, OL, KMOAS

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