[MR] Still need an MIC for Armored Combat at Battle on the Bay

deallac at juno.com deallac at juno.com
Sat Jun 24 10:40:47 PDT 2023

Hey folks, I know that Battle on the Bay is a fun event to come to and fight at, but without a Heavy Armored Activity Marshal in Charge,there won't be any fighting happening (for this activity).  Yes, Storvik and Lochmere are the hosts, but most of their marshals are otherwise committed, so we are looking outside ofour groups for someone willing to step up and coordinate this activity. Yes, it seems like late August is still a ways off, and Assessment and Pennsic are first and taking a lot of people's time,but we are trying to get as much planned and scheduled ahead of time so that people will know what to expect. Any volunteers would be greatly appreciated. YIS Dame Dealla Cohen, MIC (overall) Battle on the Bay

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