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On this date in 1561 the steeple of "Old" St. Paul's Cathedral burned and
crashed through the nave roof. A number of witnesses reported that the
steeple had been struck by lightning. A plumber later made a deathbed
confession that he had left a pan of hot coals in the steeple when he went
to dinner. His confession was dismissed based on eyewitnesses who had seen
the lightning strike. Protestants and Catholics blamed each other for the
damage as a sign of God's displeasure.

Construction of Old St. Paul's Cathedral began in 1087 and the building was
completed in 1314 after many years of work, followed by enlargement. It was
at least the 4th church to occupy the site on Ludgate Hill. The church was
noted for its soaring construction, stained glass and its enormous size.
St. Paul's was the burial place of many important people, including John of
Gaunt and his first wife, Blanche of Lancaster.

"Old" St. Paul's was already in serious decline in 1561, and had been
stripped of much of its finery during Henry's VIII's reign. After the
cathedral burned during the Great Fire of London in 1666, the ruins were
pulled down, and the present neo-classic structure, designed by Christopher
Wren, was put in its place.

You can read more about the history of Old St. Paul's at
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Old_St_Paul%27s_Cathedral .

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